Kids & Teen Classes

Special Needs Kids Yoga

Special needs children and their siblings, ages 5 to 10, are welcome to join us for Kids Yoga. Adaptive yoga can help youngsters develop special awareness, while strengthening their minds and bodies. Each session will explore yoga poses through games and storytelling, while incorporating kid-friendly mindfulness.

Instructors are experienced in working with diagnoses including from Autism, Epilepsy, and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Participants and their caregivers are encouraged to meet with the instructor prior to the class to discuss any behavior interventions or restrictions.

Pilates & Core Conditioning for Tweens and Teens

Whether you have at home a young athlete, gymnast, dancer or simply a kid looking to for a stronger core and better posture – our Pilates & Core Conditioning class is a great option to pick up what what their sport leaves out.

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga helps children grow into mindful teens, as they exercise their bodies and minds. Each session will explore yoga poses through games, play and storytelling while providing kid friendly guided meditation and mindfulness.

Children Get Fit with Yoga, Pilates, and Cross-Training at Boone Studio

Are you looking to engage your child through fitness and yoga? Boone Studio is currently offering kid’s yoga classes with a mix of structured and unstructured play, as a revamp of their babysitting program. Sessions include yoga-inspired games, songs, and poses.  In addition, qualified kids yoga teachers will instruct Sunday classes targeting ages 5-10, as well as, Tween though Teen.  

Children with special needs and their siblings are invited to attend adapted classes on Fridays at 4:30 p.m., featuring a qualified kid’s yoga instructor. This series of classes will be taught by a special educator who is experienced in recreational activities for children whose diagnoses include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Epilepsy, and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Scholar athletes will benefit from Bootcamp + Flexibility Training, while young dancers improve their skills through specialized Pilates classes. These new additions to the schedule are inspired by Boone Studio’s philosophy that kids need to cross-train to enrich their skills and remain injury-free.

In addition to fitness, Boone Studio is offering coding classes in collaboration with “BerryPi,” an organization which provides programming courses customized for children.