Hybrid Classes


Yoga & Meditation

Looking for a lunch time class to recharge and unplug? In this 45 min yoga/ meditation class we will be practicing moving and sitting still mindfully. Each breath will guide you in your personal journey to letting go of what does not serve you and breathing in calm focused energy. Carve sometime for yourself out of your busy day. Class breaks during the summer. 

Y. Skulpt

Is a yoga and sculpting hybrid class that combines the fluid, fast paced movement of Vinyasa with the added resistance of light weights (1-3 lb dumbbells or weighted gloves). Give your yoga practice a boost by increasing your cardio with muscle-sculpting movement and resistance. Who thought shredding a serious amount of calories through yoga is not possible? 

Align & Stretch

This is the perfect compliment to your Boone workouts. Good alignment is the most effective element to stay injury free. This class is geared towards workout junkies and newbies. Set to relaxing music, this class is meant to take you deep into your muscles and connective tissue while challenging your body and mind, appeals to anyone who appreciates a meditative sweat.


Barre Kettle

This is a total fusion class of Barre & Kettlebells. It is  the ultimate body sculpting experience. You burn more calories, make more muscles and sweat more than you normally would in a Barre class. It is ideal for persons who want an intense, but  low impact workout.  Beginners, take a lighter kettle or a hand weight and you will be pumping along with the pros. Class breaks during the summer. 

Boone Skulpt

This fusion class is a recipe for success: a mix of Pilates with total body conditioning, and just a dash of barre to keep you on your toes. Adding props such, as the RIP Trainer to get to the hard to reach muscles in the obliques to eliminate the extra love around the waistline makes this class all the more special. This workout will sculpt your abs one muscle group at a time without leaving out the rest of you. 

Personal Training

Personal Training

Our Personal Training and Private Classes are a great way to dive back into a workout routine after a hiatus, an injury or simply if you have a crazy schedule. Let us help you make working out part of your life. Depending on your goals and interests, we can design a combination of different routines such as yoga, Pilates, barre, kettlebells, TRX or give you a traditional personal training approach. Call us to schedule a complimentary 30 min session.