Get Certified

Barre Teacher Training at Boone Studio is comprehensive and practical.

You will learn to:

• Format and lead a 60-minute barre class.
• Cue each exercise and transition to the next.
• Align students on the barre and on the mat.
• Select music to suit each exercise.
• Maintain a fluid beat count and work with polyrhythms.
• Motivate a class.
• Correlate basic anatomical knowledge and musculature of the body with basic barre exercises.
• Provide gentle and supportive hands-on adjustments to students.
• Instruct with modifications for pregnancy and for basic injuries.  
• Refine your verbal cues for group classes and one-on-one instruction.
• Practice teaching in a supportive environment, with informed feedback.

Teacher Training Schedule
$600 Barre Teacher Training – $500 Early Bird Special
Cost includes a written manual with detailed descriptions, cueing and pictures for each exercise.  

Who is Boone Studio’s Barre Teacher Training For?
Barre Enthusiasts, Yoga Teachers, Dancers, Personal Trainers, Fitness Professionals and Exercise Addicts.

Barre Training is great for those who want to take their practice to the next level or teach group and private classes.  However, prior barre experience is not required. In addition to the training, participants will become fully certified after they have logged a minimum of 30 Barre Classes at Boone Studio or any studio of their choice.