Toning & Strength Training


Leave your tutus at home, and come get the same effective workout of a dancer at the barre, using exercises inspired from ballet, Pilates and body sculpting.
Kids Yoga Play


Yoga Play incorporates poses and storytelling, created to challenge their imaginations and bodies. Each yoga session will incorporate items from our toy box which contains award winning puzzles, blocks, Legos, pretend play toys and costumes. We have a no television policy in our area, but there is plenty of child friendly music. 
Core Training


The best of mat Pilates and barre combined! An ideal low impact class with great focus on shaping and toning your abs, thighs and derriere. 
Strength Training


Be ready to spice up your workout routine and re-inspire it by this unique blend of total body workouts! Our TRX® class is unique in the way it uses your own body weight to strengthen all  your major muscle groups . You are encouraged to take modifications when needed, which makes this class ideal for complete beginners and pros alik
Flexibility & Mindfulness


Looking for a lunch time class to recharge and unplug? In this 45 min yoga/ meditation class we will be practicing moving and sitting still mindfully.
Strength Flexibility & Cardio

Kettlebells + HIIT

Cardio intervals combined with kettlebells to burn colossal amount of calories and trim inches off your body! Kettlebells are functional and metabolic training that drive your metabolism into higher gear! No other weight training program can give you 3 dimensional movements that make you stronger by recruiting small and major muscle groups together. 
Professional Coaches

Trainer / Owner

Hala Ghanem is the owner and Teacher Trainer for Boone Studio. She teaches yoga, Pilates, TRX, kettelbells, barre and cardio barre. She has been teaching for over ten years. She has over 15 certifications in fitness under her belt. Hala’s strength as a teacher is in combining different methods to reach optimum results for people of all levels. Her classes are fluid, upbeat and challenging. Hala’s teaching philosophy is that there is something for everyone. She teaches with passion, sincerity and integrity. If you are taking Hala’s class prepare to work hard and rest/ stretch well at the end

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Class Sampler I – 1 Week of Unlimited Classes

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2 Weeks of Unlimited Classes

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Class Sampler III – 30 Days of Unlimited Classes

Located In The Heart Of Montclair


How is our Personal Training Program unique?

Boone studio offers a very unique personal training experience.  We have teachers trained in yoga, Pilates, barre, TRX, kettlebells and cardio dance.  This gives you the chance to dab into or incorporate the different modalities we offer as part of your personal training program.  The goal is to help you build strength and flexibility all while sculpting your body and giving you the chance to look and feel your best in years.